Fashion for Travel

What to Wear???   Here’s my “Must Have” List:

  1.  Black Leggings
  2. Black Tank
  3. Tunic Top
  4. Comfy Jeans
  5. T Shirt Dress (in a solid color)
  6. Cheap Statement Jewelry (that reflects your style)
  7. Patterned or colorful jacket (again, something ‘you’)
  8. Wedge Heel Shoe
  9. Button Down Shirt
  10. Flip Flops or Soft Leather Flats

When traveling don’t forget it doesn’t matter how often you wear the same thing  – chances are you’re not going to see the same people twice.  Of course we all have our go-to pieces and what I call “road wear” but here are a few quick ways to throw together outfits that always work for dinner, museums, concerts, or any events you hit on the road –

  • black leggings and tank with button down tossed over, flats or flipflops and a big longish necklace
  • black leggings, tunic and wedges with a chunky necklace
  • comfy jeans, black tank and button down tied at the waist….dress down with flip flops and a leather bracelet & hoops or dress up with wedges and a chunky necklace
  • comfy jeans, black tank and patterned jacket with wedges
  • tshirt dress knotted at the bottom, over black leggings with flip flops
  • tshirt dress with wedges and patterned jacket

Ok, you get the idea….I could go on all day.   Check out the pictures of my simple (CHEAP) pieces and be inspired to do it your own way.   Add your own favorite graphic t-shirts, cargos, hats, and get creative.  My best advice is don’t be afraid…..if you’re a tshirt and jeans girl my ideas above are a great way to take things up just a notch while still packing easy items that won’t wrinkle much and mix and match all day long.  Be comfy, have fun and look great!

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